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San Diego, CA

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Strategic Partnerships

We are actively seeking strategic partnerships to jointly work with us in deploying eX platform across multiple industries. If you are looking for a 100% wire-free indoor tracking solution that provides:

Ease & Timeline of Deployment

We install in days what takes others months, with no drilling, wiring or cabling. It is our responsibility to deploy and maintain the location network.

100% Wire-Free Ecosystem

No drilling, wiring or cabling required. Completely independent of the facilities IT network.  

SaaS Subscription Model

No hardware to purchase. No large up-front fees / OpEx budget only. Cellular back-haul to the cloud.

Industry Leading in Affordability and Low Maintenance

No upfront payment (CAPEX) and asset tags are free, hermetically sealed and never require battery replacement. Did we mention already…asset tags are free?


San Diego, CA

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