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Wire-Free  Enterprise Edge Intelligence as 
a Service (EIaaS)

Improve business revenues, efficiencies, compliance and security by capturing intelligence about the location and status of your people and your assets.

The EX EIaaS and How It Works

Identify what you want to track and sense inside the enterprise

Example Applications

  • Asset, Material, Product Flow Tracing
  • Personnel Tracking, Work Safety
  • Vehicle, Fleet Tracking and Control
  • Tool and Equipment Tracking
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Proximity Services
  • Other Specialty Applications
  • Environmental Conditions

EdgeX installs a wire-free wireless people & asset tracking infrastructure

The EX-Cloud™ captures location and other data for 3rd Party App’s

That's It! Installed in Minutes Rather Than Months with Zero Capex

The EX Solution Components

EX-Cloud™ Software

EX-Site™ Software

EX-Node™ Anchor Points


EX Key Benefits

  • Universal coverage indoor wireless network
  • Accurate location, status of anything, anywhere
  • Completely wire-free: no power, no ethernet
  • No capex – installed and maintained by EdgeX
  • Tiny inexpensive tags on assets and people
  • No cabling for any of the infrastructure
  • Cellular connection to the EdgeX Cloud
  • No IT integration required, if desired
  • Open EdgeX Cloud to any 3rd party application

Broader Market Applications


Industrial, Manufacturing

Smart Office

Public, Entertainment

Government and Security

Warehouse, Logistics

Smart Retail

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Locate and Sense Anything, Anywhere, Anytime