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EX Solution Components


  • Enterprise-scale cloud intelligence
  • Independent of customer’s IT infrastructure
  • Open REST API for universal applications
  • Secure, two-way authenticated, encrypted




  • Patented technology and AI for RF signal measurement, fusion
  • Enables highly accurate three-dimensional locating
  • Automated system install




EX-NodeAnchor Points

  • Wire-free peel-and-stick installation
  • No power wires or ethernet cables
  • 10-year battery life
  • Better than one-meter location accuracy - guaranteed
  • Standard chip hardware
  • Embedded with EX-Site software
  • Wireless backhaul via cellular
  • Secure, two-way authenticated, encrypted
  • Patented technology




  • Millions of tags for tracking people and assets
  • Secure, two-way authenticated, encrypted
  • Sensing/AI options: location, temperature, humidity, accelerometer, gyroscope, inclinometer, distress button, proximity, geofencing, tamper detection, asset in use detection
  • Smartphone can be a tag
  • As small or smaller than a penny
  • 7+ year battery life
  • A small fraction of the cost of alternatives
  • Smartphone can be a tag
  • Equipment with bluetooth can be a tag

A fraction of the cost and complexity of alternatives

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Location and Sense Anything, Anywhere, Anytime